Many homeowners are considering adding solar panels. Are they right for you?

Recently, many clients have asked me, “Should I invest in Solar Panels for my home?” While I’m not a solar or tax credit specialist, I can speak to their impact on a home’s resale value.

Short answer: solar panels do not improve resale value. For one, given the deregulation of electricity in Texas, our energy costs are low, so it would take a large number of years of monthly “cost savings” to offset the expense of installation. 

Two other considerations relating specifically to selling a home with solar panels: 1) solar panels add a level of complexity to a real estate transaction than would otherwise be there and 2) they negatively impact the ability to inspect, repair, and/or replace a composition roof.

Listen in as I share a real scenario and why a seller would have been better off without solar panels - at least as far as my clients were concerned. 

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