Buying a new construction home comes with many advantages.

There are so many advantages to buying a new construction home—advantages I can speak to myself, as my husband and I just moved into a new construction home this spring, and it’s been wonderful in so many ways. 

The first advantage of buying new construction is that you get to take advantage of the newest floor plans and design elements. My husband and I have marble countertops in our kitchen, subway tile backsplashes, and quartz countertops in our bathrooms, and we didn’t have to demo the home to get those things.

Also, we won’t have to deal with nearly as much maintenance over the next five to 10 years, which is the next advantage of new construction. If you’re spending your evenings and weekends fixing problems in your older home, know this: All you really need to do in a new home for the first five years is change out the air filters. 

Additionally, new construction homes offer the latest technology. Just like you can update your phone or computer, homes can be updated as well. Some of the technology that’s available in homes right now can create tremendous energy efficiency, which results in significant cost savings. You may suffer sticker shock if you haven’t thought about building a new home in a while and assume it’s a huge premium, but when you consider our historically low interest rates and the minimal maintenance involved in new homeownership, it might cost less over the next five to 10 years than owning your current home. 

“Just like your phone’s operating system updates regularly, technology in home construction improves as well.”

The biggest luxury of buying a new construction home, though, is that you have time on your side. This is especially important as you look to where you want to move next after selling your current home in this white-hot market. You can pick the property, floor plan, and improvements you want to make. If you’re competing in the pre-owned market, you don’t have that luxury. You have to jump in like everybody else and potentially pay 10% or more for a home and take on its possible maintenance issues. 

I’m all about helping people buy and sell homes. A real estate transaction is a personal decision and process, and it all starts with a conversation. If you’re considering buying a new home, whether it’s pre-owned or new construction, give me a call. I’d love to hear from you.