Remote work has changed our housing landscape.

Pre-pandemic, only 21% of American workers had the opportunity or flexibility to work from home. Now, experts are saying as many as 37.5% of all workers will have the opportunity to work remotely within the next five years. 

Some people are taking advantage of this by moving their families to locations in which they’ve always wanted to vacation. If you’re part of the group that works 100% remotely, what difference does it make where you live? You get to decide! Now, if you’re in the percentage of people who work in a hybrid setting where you only have to commute to work twice a week, that changes your options.

“Remote working isn’t going away.”

Whether you’re considering moving to a different area of the metroplex, looking to go somewhere more urban, or just looking for a change of pace, now may be an excellent time to take advantage of this market.

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