What, Why, How & Who Can Help?

URGENT! The deadline for registering a Protest is right around the corner. (It varies by county, and it could be as soon as May 15).  

You may be wondering: what, exactly, are you “protesting”? And, if you decide to protest, how do you do it? 

Tune in for these answers and more.

Click on your County’s tax district website for information about your property taxes and additional resources for protesting, should you choose to do so.

DFW Metroplex County Tax Districts:

Tarrant County: https://www.tad.org/

Dallas County: https://www.dallascad.org/

Denton County: https://www.dentoncad.com/

Collin County: https://www.collincad.org/

A Service That Can Help for FREE! (paid options available as well):

PropertyTax.io https://propertytax.io/P38315