Flower Mound Real Estate Market Recap December 2017

Nicole Smith Woodard
Nicole Smith Woodard
Published on January 4, 2018

Real estate in Flower Mound has really been hot for the past 4 years but it’s getting hotter!  See the information below for more details.  Prices are down .62% compared to December 2016 so this is a great time to buy!

No wonder – two years ago Flower Mound was featured in D Magazine as the #8 Best Suburb!

See the graphic below for a detailed comparison from December 2016 to December 2017.

Want to do something special in Flower Mound?

50 Free Activities In & Around Flower Mound

If you’re looking for some free activities for your kids that won’t break the bank, we invite you to check out this great list of activities In & Around Flower Mound:

  1. Visit a local farmers’ market.
  2. Visit the Library.  Enjoy special summer reading club performances.
  3. Tour a local police or fire station.  Show your appreciation by bringing a baked treat.
  4. Attend a free trial class at Best Gymnastics.
  5. Attend one of Lowe’s Free Build and Grow Workshopsfor Kids.
  6. Attend a complimentary class at Excite Gym and Cheer.
  7. Visit Founders Plaza, the DFW Airport Observation Area.
  8. Tour Market Streetin Flower Mound or Coppell.
  9. Take the kids to the indoor play area at Vista Ridge Mall.
  10. Play disc golfat Lake Park in Lewisville.
  11. Go the the Grapevine Botanical Gardens.  Enjoy the playground; let the kids play hide and seek.
  12. Stop by Railroad Parkand watch the skateboarders do their thing.  Let the kids try it as well.
  13. Explore Bass Proin Grapevine.  Enjoy museum-quality stuffed animal displays, a large aquarium tank with a small waterfall, and more.
  14. Tour Revival Wood Finishingin Lewisville.
  15. Visit the Elm Fork Nature Reservein Carrollton.  Hike the trails and discover something new.
  16. Enjoy free indoor play time at The Ark in Coppell.
  17. Take advantage of the many free crafts that Michaelsoffers throughout the year.
  18. Enjoy a free preview class at Musikgarten with Heidi.
  19. Tour California Pizza Kitchenin Grapevine.
  20. Visit Rheudasil Park & Pond.  Enjoy the playground; feed the ducks, go fishing.
  21. Attend one of Home Depot’s Free Kids’ Workshops.
  22. Tour Central Marketin Southlake.
  23. Visit Teen Courtin Flower Mound and Lewisville.
  24. View the daily “Train Robber Presentation” in Grapevine.
  25. Enjoy Kids Kastle in Highland Village or Kid Kountry in Coppell.
  26. Tour Vetro Glass Blowing Studioin Grapevine.
  27. Go Geocaching.
  28. Bike or Walk our local trails: Flower MoundHighland Village  Lewisville
  29. Enjoy a free outdoor concert:  LewisvilleThe Shops at Highland Village  Southlake
  30. Watch one of the many sports games taking place at public fields in our area (soccer, baseball)
  31. Enjoy a free outdoor movie or event at Castle Hillsin Lewisville.
  32. Visit the Dog Parkat Railroad Park in Lewisville.
  33. Visit Historic downtown Grapevine.  Enjoy the Grapevine Public Art Trailand Sidewalk Skaters.
  34. View free fireworksevery Friday all summer. Can be seen from any Grapevine Lake public park.
  35. Enjoy Summer NightsEvents in Grapevine; Fridays in July.
  36. Meet and Greet US Troops at DFW Airport.  Bring homemade signs for the soldiers.
  37. Volunteer.  Ranch Hand Rescue, CCA’s Food Pantry, and local animal shelters all need help.
  38. Take a tour of Costcoin Lewisville.
  39. Visit Grapevine Mills Mall.  Young kids enjoy the ramps and stairs; all kids can explore Rain Forest Cafe’s shop, with large aquariums, animated animals, and more.
  40. Attend one of the free events at Nash Farmin Grapevine.
  41. Enjoy holiday and seasonal events.  Details can be found in our weekly newsletters and our online community calendar.
  42. Visit W. Perry Museumin Carrollton.
  43. Attend a free gardening workshop for kids at Calloway’s.
  44. Attend a free trial class at WinKids.
  45. Visit Bob Jones Nature Centerin Southlake.
  46. Have a picnic at one of our area parks.
  47. Visit Nana’s Pacas, an alpaca farm in Flower Mound. NOTE:  It has come to our attention that there is a small fee for this activity:  $3 per person plus $1 if you’d like to feed the alpacas.
  48. Visit a local nursing home.  Call the activity director in advance to see if there’s a special activity you and your kids can help with (bingo, games, etc.)
  49. Visit “The Tubes/The Bugs” indoor play area in Irving.
  50. Head to the dog park– whether you have a dog or not:)
  51. Just explore… take your bike or car to an area you’ve never been before.  Maybe a new park or a wooded area you’ve been meaning to check out.

Flower Mound Real Estate Market Recap December 2017
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